How To Measure Your Breast Size Correctly? Finest Methods To Apply

If you ask me to know how to measure your breast size correctly then I have the answer for you as below:

Although breast size is difficult to measure, it’s an important part of a woman’s body. There are three measurements that are used for different reasons (with different brands, different shapes & different sizes): underbust, bust, and breast cup size. The following information will help you determine your breast size correctly.

So, to know the perfect answer, we will measure these three things:

  • Under Bust
  • Bust
  • Breast Cup Size

How To Measure Under Bust?

The way to measure if you are under bust is just like any other measure. First of all, its time to find the right place on your body where you have no new bra or sweater?

a) Push loosest hook under-bust gel into fuller part of bust and pull tighter. It will describe your natural shape – when is not pushed forward by the breasts in their most extended position. But instead shaped by soft tissue overlying breast bones and an immediate outward projection away from the torso center.

b) Measure around fullest portion chest widthwise with measuring tape.

How To Measure Bust?

Now is the time to measure your bust.

But what is the best way to take the bust size? In my own opinion, to do it you should start by finding the pivot point of your bust by looking at this picture.

To find a proper fit, use your hands to measure over the fullest part of your breasts around the under-bust region and vertically to reference; left measurement is worth more than the right one (for symmetry).  The largest horizontal width should not be greater than 8″ and not less than 6″. The vertical distance from base flattening breast tissue below the sternum called ‘cleavage uplift’ – simply put measure down all along parting line either horizontally or vertically until cleavage space lifts up approximately 5mm.

How to Measure Breast Cup Size?

Now the last thing is your breast’s cup size. So time to measure it in a perfect way. And that way is by measuring around your areola on a horizontal level in diameter.

Important note: If the fitting process goes wrong, do not worry about it too much and get another session provided through experts of lingerie shops. These professionals know more than you how to perfect fit breast cup size as well as other measurements techniques like underbust or simply what type of bras they should buy (bra shopping) according to your parameters. Just go there; spend some time at their shop and leave happy after that.

Breast Size Measurement Tools

The first thing you should ask yourself is how do you really want to measure your breast’s right size. Some people like to measure their breast size using a measuring tape. Whereas other people feel better if they choose an online tool to get their exact measurements.

Here is a list of breast size measurement tools:

  1. Measuring Tape
  2. Online Breast Size Calculator.
  3. Michelle Pharr (if you can manage it).
  4. Digital Breast Measurement.
  5. Self-Measuring Tape.
  6. Online Adjustable Bra Tensioning Device (helps to make breast size smaller).

How To Measure Bra Size?

A lot of people think a correct bra size is just an odd number or even number (the nearest whole number). Nonetheless, it comes down to how you measure your breasts. A bra size is not only about your breasts, but also about the shape of your breasts. And that is why there are also some other factors that come into play.

So, what are all of these factors? Well, there are four main types of bra sizes that you can choose from A-C, D-DD, DD-DDD, and DD-DDD. But there are certain things that go into determining your bra size.

1. Your Breast Size:

Your breast size comes from two parts: the outer cup and the inner cup. The outer cup is the part that is attached to your body and the outer part of your breast. The inner cup is the part that is attached to your body and the inner part of your breast.

The outer cup measures around: 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter

The inner cup measures about 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter

2. The Shape of Your Breasts:

A natural breast shape is round and firm with a slightly rounded tip. But many women have larger breasts with more “fat” than they expected or wanted and they need to deal with that fact. This means that they need larger bras to accommodate this fact in order to stay comfortable in their clothes.

On the other hand, a woman who has bigger breasts may need a smaller bra or a bra that bra fits better. For example, you have large breasts and you want to wear a one-size-fits-all bra. Then you must buy a larger size bra in order to accommodate this fact.

3. The Measurements of the Sides of Your Breasts:

The sides of your breasts differ according to where on them you have bigger breasts. Most women with bigger sides experience bigger underwires and bigger inner cups than women with smaller sides because of their overall proportions between the upper torso and their breasts. For example, if you have larger sides on one end and smaller sides on another end. Hence, you will need a smaller bra size so that it fits better as there’s less space between your chest and the fabric when you wear it.

4. Your Waist Measurement:

Women who have larger waists tend to have bigger breasts. Because it allows for more space between their chest and their waist when they wear the corresponding sizes of bras.

What If Breast Size Is Too Big?

What If Breast Size Is Too Big

So now you have completed the measurement of your breast.


And found your breast is too big than normal size.

Now your question is what to do with these big-size boobs?

My answer is you got to give it a thought before anyone notices your big breast.

Because of the bust strength, medium and large breasts are not so easily deformed by a sudden knock or painful squeeze when someone accidentally hits it. So if you have large boobs right now, better take extra care with the right bra size such as a sports bra (you can use a bra size chart). If you want breast surgery is one solution for a woman with too much chest which can reduce size immediately after doctor removal transplant shape silicone pump in softening gel at home without anesthesia cost from NY plastic surgeon.

What If Breast Size Is Too Small?

But if you see your breast size is too small than normal size. Then what is the solution to it?

We have two types of solutions:

  • Keep it remain as it is one kind of beauty
  • Do some breast enhancement & enlargement procedures to make them big.

Make your decision by yourself. Don’t make it by forcing others or anyone.

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Let’s move into the FAQ section to read some questions with answers to know about the topic very quickly.

What is the best way to measure your breast size correctly?

It is always important to measure your breast size correctly. Since incorrect bust measurement can lead to a wrong bra size that could cause you pain or discomfort.

There are several ways to measure your breast size:

  • Using a tape measure:

The most right way of measuring your breast size is by using a tape measure. This is because it allows you to get an accurate and precise measurement. You should take two measurements at the same time and use them for sizing purposes, not just one. If you do not have a tape measure, then there are other ways of measuring such as with a piece of string or with a dressmaker’s measuring tape.

  • A piece of string:

This method does not provide as much accuracy as first. But can still be used in some cases where nothing else is available. The easiest way to do this would be by wrapping the string around your chest just below your breasts. Next, slide it up over your shoulder blades so that it measures how long it takes for the string to go from under your armpit across one shoulder blade, down along the opposite side of the back, down past one more rib on that side. Afterward, cross over another rib cage on that side before finally ending at its starting point on top of your other shoulder blade again (you may need to adjust this depending on what type of bra you want).

How do I accurately measure my breasts?

Measurements of the bra size are not the only way to accurately measure your breasts. You can also take a tape measure and place it around the fullest part of your chest at the fullest part of your bust.

If you want to know how big your breast is, you can use this method:

  • Hold one end of a measuring tape firmly in each hand
  • Measure from underarm to nipple tip
  • Divide that number by 2.

How do you determine cup size?

To determine the cup size, you need to measure the circumference of your breasts at their fullest point. Then divide that number by two.

For example, your measurement is 24 inches. You have a 36-inch bust. AA cup, DD cup, C cup, or D cup depends on the size and other factors.

How do you measure a woman’s breast size?

Breast size is measured by three main methods:

  1. By measuring the distance from the top of one breast to the other, known as a centimeter or in British English, an inch.
  2. By measuring around the circumference of each breast at its fullest point and then dividing that number by 2.
  3. By purchasing a tape measure, measuring around the fullest part of each breast, and then dividing that number by 2.

Why do you add 4 inches to your band size?

It is common for women to add 4 inches to their band size with band measurement; when they are wearing a bra that is too small. This can be helpful. Because it helps avoid the problem of the bra straps digging into your shoulders and underarms.

In addition, if you find that your bra has become stretched out or has lost its shape over time, adding 4 inches to your band size will help stretch it back out again.

Final Verdict

How others perceive our breasts often vary depending on their size of them. Also, how much difference there is in bra measurements. However, when patients want to know what a rib-cage measurement would be for breast implants, doctors have estimated that that point should be about one inch below the nipple.

A careful reading of this article will reveal different ideas about how one’s breasts are perceived based on their chest size and whether or not they’re considered large or small. For example, someone with big chests might attract more attention while someone with smaller chests may feel like their body doesn’t reflect who they are.

However, if you find this article truly informative to share then it would be wonderful if you could help in spreading the word out on social media. Best wishes!

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