How To Wear A Baggy Shirt With Skinny Jeans?

How to wear a baggy shirt with skinny jeans? We know it’s a bit tricky. That’s why we’re here to help! In this blog, you’ll know some handy tips on how to pull off the look without looking weird.

Baggy Shirts- Key Attire For A Casual Day

A loose-fitting shirt, for a baggy look, is key. The basic traits of baggy shirts are that they are loose and have a casual feel to them. They are also known as oversized or loose-fitting shirts.

A common type of baggy shirt is the t-shirt which has short sleeves and no collar, but can also be found in other shapes such as polo shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc.

7 Must-Know Tips to Wear Baggy Shirt with Skinny Jeans

Baggy shirts will give loose, comfy, and relaxed feelings. They come in many different shapes and styles. What’s important is that your baggy shirt has enough room around the middle part and no buttons up top. Here are more tricky hints to know. Let’s delve into those.

1. Proper Fitting

To get that oversized look, you need to make sure the shirt fits. Bags are loose-fitting. So they don’t require as much attention when it comes to fit. But shirts do! The sleeves and waist of your shirt can be a bit longer than might normally go just right. When making this adjustment to the sleeve measurement cut close to what would actually work well with pants or jeggings that tend not to run small in those areas either.

2. Good Shoulder Shape

As long as you have good shoulders, these baggy shirts with jeans will work. What you do for your shoulders is you still need to have a T-shirt or some other shirt under the baggy one. This might be an issue depending on what pants are going with that particular outfit and combo. Sometimes it’s best to keep an item like this in mind when designing outfits. Since as long as things fit, that could make more of a statement if done well.

3. Harness Of Hoody

This isn’t the greatest look but it is wearable! You can generally get away with wearing a hoody and shorts on your lower half if you’re into the baggy look. This works indeed. Because the loose shirt doesn’t limit the movement of your body and clothing consequently. In addition, your arms and hands get a bit of protection.

4. Opt For Fluffy Pants

Pants that are fluffy around the waist can give your baggy tops an extra pop of personality with flair over them as well! This is great when you want to go off your regular look just once in a while. What’s more, you can get away with wearing them over the top of your shirt. If you have a loose-fitting one on, it’s okay to pair it with fluffy pants!

5. Pick Hoodie Vest/ Jacket

If you want to enhance the baggy nature of shirts it’s a good idea to wear beneath a hoodie vest or jacket. This maintains the sleek look of the jeans sans jacket. It allows for additional movement without feeling like “falling out”. Which is perfect! Furthermore, you will become a warm and sturdy guy without getting cold in the process.

6. Tuck Into Pants

Wearing your baggy shirt inside and tuck into your pants. It will create a smooth transition from top to bottom. Or else, wear it by tucking the shirt in at the waistline, leaving out an inch or two around the bottom half of your body. So that you still have room to move and breathe without feeling too restricted by what you’re wearing.

7. Go With A Slim Fitting Jacket

Another option would be to wear a slim-fitting jacket over the top which will also help make your clothes appear starker. Furthermore, this will help keep your shirt from looking baggy by creating a visual barrier between the two. This is great for those who have shirts that are loose on top but don’t want to make it look like they’re wearing an oversized jacket.

Must-Have Accessories

Casual clothing, especially baggy pants, and short-sleeved shirts are ideal for summertime. However, this trend is very much dependent on the accessories you wear with it. Let’s find out how you can dress up a baggy shirt and pair it with different accessories for a complete look.

  • A scarf is an accessory that adds a sense of style to any outfit. It will add some color, flair, and pattern while keeping you warm on chilly days. 
  • You can choose from many different styles of bracelets such as silver bracelets, gold bracelets, or even novelty/funky/artsy-type bracelets like those found at Hot Topic or Forever 21 stores.
  • Moreover, wear thick-rimmed aviator sunglasses and a crisp white tee with your skinny jeans, then you have gone full baggy!
  • Otherwise, you can pair them up with a wide neck sweater and wide belt then it looks smart enough to go out in.
  • Consider styling an oversized shirt with a belt.  A belt can make any outfit look more put together. Besides, it gives a polished look. It can also add interest and personality to an otherwise simple outfit. Various types of snappy belts are available online. So choose one that fits your style best! A thick belt with denim jackets would add some volume to your outfit.
  • Besides, you can try wearing Chelsea boots, or ankle boots with chunky jewelry to make your appearance more modish. Accessories such as sequins, sequin styles are also good choices to fit this trend.

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Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers relevant to oversized clothes. Read them well too.

How do I style a baggy top with jeans?

The best way to style a baggy top with jeans is by making sure that the shirt has long sleeves. You can also avoid wearing a belt with the top and instead wear it around your waist or hips. If you want to be able to do this, then make sure that the length of your shirt is longer than the length of your jeans. So that you have enough fabric for wrapping.

How can I style denim shorts to get a casual look?

If you want to wear denim shorts to get a casual look, there are some ways you can do it without looking too messy:

  • Wear them with a plain white t-shirt and sandals or sneakers.
  • Mix them with a cardigan sweater over your shirt and jeans.
  • Add in some bling like gold jewelry or studs.

Is it trendy to style an oversized white tee with a black leather blazer?

Well, the trend may vary from one person to another and also depends on the season. Styling an oversized white tee with a black leather blazer would be a trendy look for those who like wearing such combinations during the winter. It will be less popular during the summer months when people like wearing more colorful outfits or t-shirts and shorts.

How can I be chic with a bomber jacket outfit idea?

If you are looking for a chic, then you should go with a black leather bomber jacket. Additionally,

  • You can add on a pair of jeans and black leather boots to complete the look.
  • Wear a bomber jacket with high-waisted jeans and a belt. It is the perfect way to go for an outfit that is chic, yet cool.
  • If you want to dress up your outfit with a little bit of sparkle, then add a pair of metallic flats or heels.


Finding the right fit for your look is not always easy. But we have a few ideas that might help you out! If you’re looking to wear a baggy shirt with skinny jeans, check out this article for some tips on how to pull it off.

The best way to wear a baggy shirt with skinny jeans is to buy one that is made for both. When you’re buying a shirt, make sure it has long sleeves and isn’t too tight in the body area. Also, make sure that it fits well. For skinny jeans, avoid ripped ones because they will show off your thighs. It’s better to get them tailored if you want them to fit well.

However, if you enjoy reading the mentioned tips, consider sharing your views with us on Instagram. Do you have any idea of a similar topic that we should consider sharing? Then let us know simply in the comment box. Thank you for reading. Let’s keep learning fashion clothes trends.

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