6 Genius Ideas On How To Wear T-Shirts With Skirts

T-shirts are one of the most popular trends in fashion. There are numerous creative ways to make your tees interesting. But it can be tricky to find the right style and the perfect fit. Luckily, we are going to cover this topic in this article for you. We rounded up 6 genius ideas that will help you dress in a way that makes your day complete. Here you will learn how to wear t-shirts with skirts and how beautifully you can pair up these two attires. Moreover, you will get to know about some of the bonus fashion tips. Keep scrolling till the end.

1. Black T-shirt With A Floral Skirt

Wear a white floral dress that caters to your style and then, pair it off with a black T-Shirt. The casual look comes together in this combo of the two outfits. This is not only an alternative but also the look absolutely fashionable for lounging around on weekends or going out! Go ahead and play up the patterned details of your baggy tee by adding some tattoos below elbows, which makes it even more stylish to wear during springtime.

2. Anime T-shirt With Pencil Skirt

Anime T-shirts with pencil skirts are a popular trend as they accentuate the natural curves of the body and create a figure-hugging look. This type of skirt is very comfortable and can be worn on any occasion. So it’s a good option for work or play. Furthermore, you can wear it with a variety of tops, cardigans or even with a tank top. This attire will give you a sporty vibe.

3. Casual Teal Skirt With White T-shirt

Go for a cute casual look and then, pair the two attires together that match your personality. It should not be like you are trying too hard or trying too hard with this duo of outfits. The T-Shirt looks good as it is and goes well with what we call here; the perfect skater skirt. We love these trendy vintage cuts for summertime, so consider lining up one sunniest baggy shirt against them. These dark navy blue jeans go very nicely hand in hand with these three different colored crop tops or tank tops.

Casual Teal Skirt With White T-shirt

4. Animal Printed Mini Skirt With Graphic Tees

The same trickery that all the other styles gave you- mix and match patterns, could be applied to your classic summer attire as well. Carry one T-shirt like this white tee with honeycomb print or animal printed long/ miniskirt rolled up at the ankles. As far as we are concerned these two colors also go very smoothly together so do what works for you since life is bound by limited choices.

The comfortable round neck turtleneck will keep both of us cool throughout the Indian summer’s shallowness. Another way would be pairing them up with pop prints shirts.

5. Graphic T-shirt With Jeans Skirt

In this type of attire either have a shirt that has certain patterns or detail on it which goes well with the jeans, but for those things to translate into a look make sure you match each piece carefully. Though nothing fancy here – black short sleeve tee and lightly printed chinos are all we can suggest.

The turquoise scarf adds something new in contrast to both the color scheme of these two outfits together. We love how denim skirts shine around our toes as if dressed by the stars. Moreover, we love the bright color of this scarf and would love to add it to our outfits.

6. Paper Bag Skirt With Tie Dye Printed T-shirt

The Paper bag skirt is one of the unmistakable and stylish outfit ideas. A short printed tee/ tie-dye printed tee goes best with it. Moreover, it is trendy now. So, you can undoubtedly pair it up with a paper bag skirt. No matter what summer dresses you want to try this look will go perfect in all seasons. What’s more, you can try this look on a formal occasion too. It will look stunning at the same time cool that fits almost with every personality of women.


In the following, here are some common questions about T-shirts and skirt pairing. You can go through those as well to get all of your answers.

What skirts go best with T-shirts?

As we discussed earlier, here you can note both casual and formal wear. It does not depend on the pattern of the T-shirt rather it should be chosen in such a way that it goes well with the color scheme and style of the skirt or dress. Otherwise, your outfit will look like mismatched clothes.

How do you style an oversized shirt with a skirt?

Any oversized shirt will look amazing on you, but it all depends upon the pattern of your skirt. If you choose to pair up an oversized tee with a flare culotte or camisole then it is pretty cute too.

What do you wear with a denim skirt in the summer? 

In the summer, you can wear a skirt with denim tees too. However, it will be highlighting more of your legs and they do not look good in both cases. So choose one package or tie-dye printed tee that is most appealing to you today.

Is a blazer fits with the skirt?

As far as the season is concerned, even you can wear blazers with skirts. However, for this particular look in your wardrobe, you need to put a linen shirt or black tee on top of it. So don’t fool around and make sure that whatever color shirt/ tie-dye printed tee has a very vibrant print because your outfit will get enhanced after putting it up.

How do I wear a Capri skirt?

Wearing a Capri skirt is not difficult at all if you follow these simple steps:

1. Start with taking your measurements. 

2. Next, find the right size for you by browsing through the size charts of the different stores that sell capris. 

3. Find the right color and print, if available. If not, try to find a complementary one that is close enough for you both in design as well as tone variation.

How to wear an oversized t-shirt?

An oversized t-shirt is best worn with jeans, leggings, or skirts. It can also be layered over a tank top or other shirt for extra coverage. It’s best to wear this type of clothing when you’re going out on the town as it will make you look put together and fashionable without drawing too much attention to yourself.


A great way to wear t-shirts with skirts is by pairing them together. It’s a simple way to show off your style while making sure you look trendy at the same time. The t-shirt will be visible, but not overwhelming.

There are a plethora of diverse ways to do this. You can also match your t-shirt or crop blouse with other pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. It might be leggings and jeans too. Also wear accessories that go well with both items, such as sandals/sneakers, heels, and earrings/ necklace.

Perhaps, you better know now to wear a t-shirt with skirt with adequate fashion sense. Furthermore, try to apply these 6 genius ideas to wear T-shirts with skirts. Stay tuned with ThinGirlFashion. Always get inspired by new fashionable looks.

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