Do You Wear Underwear With Leggings? The Pros & Cons

Everyone’s body is different, and what one person likes, another might not. So it’s up to you to decide whether you want an extra layer of protection by wearing underwear with leggings or not. However, do you wear underwear with leggings?

If you’re still uncertain about whether or not you should choose this clothing choice, here’s a general overview to help you make the right decision by reviewing the pros and cons.

Why Do Girls Like To Wear Underwear With Leggings?

Girls like to wear underwear with leggings for a few reasons. First of all, it can make them feel more comfortable and confident in their clothing. Second, when they are wearing underwear with leggings, boys will not be able to see as much of their vagina or vulva which can be distracting or embarrassing.

Afterward, some girls find that best choice as they look slimmer and sexier when they are wearing these types of garments together. Plus, the added thickness of the underwear provides support for your pelvic floor muscles which helps you to maintain strong bladder control during periods or other physical activities that might require extra effort from your lower body areas.

Accordingly, sometimes girls may want to camouflage their stomachs or legs to cover up any areas that might be discomforting or embarrassing.

Why Some Girls Don’t Like To Wear Undergarments Under Leggings?

A recent study conducted by Victoria’s Secret found that nearly half of women over the age of 18 don’t wear underwear with their leggings because they think it makes them look smaller or more muscular.

Besides, they don’t like the feeling of something between their skin and the clothes they’re wearing.

Also, they think that underwear with leggings may cause bacterial infections due to moisture-wicking fabric like


Pros Of Wearing Underwear With Leggings

Pros Of Wearing Underwear With Leggings

Wearing underwear with leggings will keep you warm on cool days. Further, there are so many benefits to consider including:

  • Underwear with leggings can help avoid embarrassing moments and discomfort during menstruation or athletic activities.
  • It is considered great workout gear.
  • It also provides extra coverage for your modesty when wearing tighter clothing. So that, camel toe doesn’t seem through vagina curves.
  • Your favorite pair of underwear with leggings can also be good sportswear.
  • In addition, some girls find that the added thickness of underwear provides more support for their pelvic floor muscles, which helps them to maintain strong bladder control during periods or other physical activities.

Cons Of Wearing Underwear With Leggings

Cons Of Wearing Underwear With Leggings

There are some cons to wearing underwear with leggings, such as feeling constricted or exposing too much skin.

Besides, you should also consider the following cons:

  • Underwear doesn’t protect your legs from sweat and bacteria.
  • If you do decide to wear underwear with leggings, make sure they’re made from cotton instead of synthetic materials. Since it causes skin irritation & itching.
  • Additionally, it’s possible to catch other infections while wearing these garments, such as yeast infections or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • Visible panty line or underwear lines is one of the most annoying cons of wearing them under leggings.


People frequently ask the following FAQs regarding this question. Here are some quick responses to give you more information on the subject.

Have a look!

Can I wear underwear under yoga pants?

You can wear underwear under yoga pants as long as it is comfortable for both you and the underwear. Wearing panties will keep your bottom dry and prevent any OBGYN emergencies. However, if you are not uncomfortable wearing underwear under yoga pants, then go ahead! It’s your body – do what feels best.

What type of underwear should be worn under leggings?

Wear underwear that will absorb sweat well. This will help keep you more comfortable since sweat will be less likely to accumulate on your skin and cause irritation or chafing. Make sure the leggings you’re wearing fit well and provide enough support while also minimizing moisture loss and drafts.

If you’re unsure about what underwear to wear under your leggings, go for cotton panties that will absorb sweat easily. Additionally, this type of underwear will keep you cooler and more comfortable during hot weather conditions.

Do I have to wear underwear with cutoff shorts?

It’s not necessary to wear underwear with cutoff shorts, but it is recommended. Cutoff shorts are designed to be revealing and offer little coverage. If you choose to go without underwear, make sure that there is enough fabric covering your genitals so that unintended guests (e.g., children) cannot see them!

Is it a good idea to wear underwear with workout leggings?

It can be a good idea to wear underwear with leggings, particularly if you’re prone to leaks.

Is it a great way to go commando or thong while training or work out?

Going commando or thong while training or working out may be a great way to increase your energy levels. Nonetheless, it’s not always the best option.

When you are working out in these clothing choices, you’re putting yourself at risk for accidents and other unsavory activities that can occur. Plus, going commando can be uncomfortable if there is moisture or sweat accumulation on your privates.

If you choose to go this route, make sure to wear appropriate underwear that features an anti-microbial property to avoid any health problems.


Wear Underwear With Leggings

So, there you go – a little bit of underwear under your leggings can do wonders for your comfort level! So, why don’t you try this? Actually, you definitely should try it! There are plenty of benefits to wearing underwear with leggings, including comfort, modesty, and protection. However, there are also a few drawbacks to taking this step.

Hence, at the end of the day make a decision based on your personal preferences and lifestyle.

Thanks for reading!

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